About Us

ZLINK, conceived and executed by industry experts with deep experience in Home Control, Building Management, and Independent Living, exists to bring to market the high-value, innovative solutions that complement the existing field of Z-Wave products. ZLINK will create new products where necessary to complete solutions and will bring new technologies and device types to market.

Our Story

ZLINK partners with leading software and cloud providers to deliver the highest valued, most complete and robust IoT solutions available.

Starting with Z-Wave, as it has the largest, most diverse, most stable ecosystem of products and manufacturers of any home control technology and adding our simple and innovative miniature hub, we have created the easiest, most affordable way to bring voice control to your home. Our first voice assistant will be Alexa as she is the developed and stable of all the assistants. We will add others such as Google Home, HomeKit and Invoke, over time. As ZLINK grows we will add other technologies such as Bluetooth, BLE and Mesh, but only where it adds to something missing in Z-Wave, like beacons.

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